Commercial Restaurant Photographer

Disney has been keeping me busy with food photography lately. I haven’t had a chance to post much and finally getting around to updating the blog. I love food photography and styling. It has become an ultimate passion of mine and I even enjoy doing it ‘for fun’. Luckily, when a restaurant or company hires me it also becomes a paid gig and that’s glorious. I was called up to photograph something in addition to food recently and am very proud of the final images. This was a full fledged cocktail photography shoot at a restaurant chain. I got to style everything and play with smoke and dry ice. The final photos are going to be used in their new menu, but I can share them with you here!

Kobe Steakhouse’s new drink menu

These are just a few of the new drinks that will be featured on their menu and I’m so grateful they chose me to photograph them. It was such a challenge working with dry ice, but the results of that image are incredible. I also enjoyed utilizing the difference backdrops and textures in their restaurant for this particularly exhilarating food shoot. Enjoy some of my favorite photos from their Orlando food and drink shoot.