Dwight and Liz | Bishop Planetarium Wedding Photos

After a few rough weeks I’ve finally caught up with editing the most recent wedding installment by Alexi Shields Photography (first time taking wedding photos at the planetarium!). These two were so casual and laid back and I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with them! You know how some people you can just imagine being instant friends with?? Seriously, who eats pizza together while getting ready for their wedding?! These two!
When Dwight first reached out to me it was to make sure I knew my stuff and could handle a super low light photography situation such as a wedding inside a planetarium. Luckily he knew which questions to ask which ultimately lead him to hiring Shane and I as their wedding photographers! It was an incredible experience and I hope to do it again! Maybe this will open up to a destination wedding in Iceland where I can photograph the real northern lights! #photographerdream